" The cultural reserve and the functional exploitation of Prespes monuments"

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Lemos, September 13, 2022


Press Release

Conference Implementation


 The Municipality of Prespes is announcing the organization of the Conference “The cultural reserve and the functional exploitation of Prespes’ monuments”, with the contribution of the Ephorate of Antiquities of Florina. The Conference will be held on September 16 and 17, 2022 with both physical presence and the possibility of online participation.

The conference will take place within the framework of HOLYWATER project, Enhancing the cultural touristic product of the crossborder area of Prespes through the promotion of the natural and cultural heritage, within the framework of the program Interreg – IPA CBC Greece – Republic of North Macedonia.

The project has been an attempt to improve the touristic product of the cross-border area of Prespes, with references to cultural and historical monuments, as well as the natural environment.

The HOLYWATER project dealt with the following subjects:

  1. Planning thematic routes and recording all available information,
  2. Construction of an electronic platform with a destination system and an electronic map with points of interest for visitors,
  3. Creating a 3D virtual tour of the Basilica of St. Achilles and the Rebels’ Hospital and an augmented reality application
  4. Interventions to enrich and complete the Byzantine Collection in Agios Germanos.
  5. Development of environmental awareness actions and promotion of the area to special groups.
  6. Operation of existing lake touring equipment (solar boats).
  7. Path network in the area of Resen
  8. Interventions at the Church of St. Ilias in the village of Grncani in the district of Resen.
  9. Exhibition of the cross-border cultural heritage and study concerning its protection by the Bitola Museum.
  10. Holding a conference on the wealth of Prespes’ monuments and their utilization.

The project is structured in a way that causes the interaction of actions and aims to achieve multiplicative results.

The placement of the project in the area of Prespes defines the levels of approach at the future scientific meeting. The area preserves a distinct cultural and natural environment with the particularity of continuous human habitation and activity. Consequently, the main object of the conference is the understanding of the archaeological data of the area, as recorded by the relevant research mainly in the context of interventions to restore and highlight the monuments and their presentation to the public. Towards the same direction, the practices of approaching the wealth of the monuments as functional points of reference in the special built environment of the villages and as axes of activity for the residents and reception of visitors are also subjects. The cross-border dimension of the program defines an additional but essential dimension of approach to the subject, the information and understanding of the corresponding actions in the neighboring country.


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Local Visit of Basilica of St.Achillios to experience the Augmented Reality application

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